ALEX GRINDERS provides Precision Engineered Components and Assemblies to customers in North America.

We create value for you by offering high quality turnkey precision machined Components and Assemblies. Components are made from Sand Castings, Shell Molded Castings, Centrifugal Castings, Investment Castings, Forgings or Bar-stock. Materials include Grey Iron, S.G. Iron (Ductile Iron), Aluminum Bronze, Stainless Steel and a variety of Alloy Steels.

Just a short note to tell you I am very pleased so far with the quality of the product that we have received from Alex Grinders. You should be very proud of the effort put forth by you and all the people involved back in the factories that really make it happen. I look forward to your maintaining your high quality so that we can grow this relationship to bigger and better things.
Again tell everyone involved thanks!!